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  • 08 Jun 2015 3:05 PM | Executive Director (Administrator)

    That Business Show with Jaime Meloni [Video] - Learn about the Arts scene & renaissance going on in Tampa Bay with Mark Aeling, Warehouse Arts District Board President.

  • 19 May 2015 4:16 PM | Executive Director (Administrator)

    From 83 Degrees Media by Kendra Langlie - Big picture problem: Artists and the arts they create often serve as a catalyst for economic and urban development. Yet a cyclical phenomenon occurs in cities nationwide whereby rents soar and artists can no longer afford the very neighborhoods they helped develop. (continue reading)

  • 12 Apr 2015 6:23 PM | Executive Director (Administrator)

    From Creative Loafing by Melanie Wiesen - Within the concrete walls of warehouse spaces near downtown St. Petersburg, visual artists, photographers, sculptors, glass blowers and woodworkers exist in a constant state of creation. It is a creativity which (refreshingly enough) is being supported by the community in a huge way. (continue reading)

  • 06 Mar 2015 3:50 PM | Executive Director (Administrator)

    News Channel 10 - From Sundial to the high-rise condos on Beach Drive, St. Petersburg is already a hub of development. Now, the city is investing big money into the arts: $200,000 to be exact. (continue reading)

  • 02 Mar 2015 3:53 PM | Executive Director (Administrator)

    Tampa Bay Business Journal - During a gala fundraiser at Rococo Steak on Friday night, St. Petersburg' Warehouse Arts District Association unveiled the new name and logo for its $1.1 million arts hub project. The event also generated nearly $184,000 in contributions from local supporters of the arts. (continue reading)

  • 28 Feb 2015 3:59 PM | Executive Director (Administrator)

    Press Release - Warehouse Arts District Association moving quickly with grand plan to further define the City of St. Petersburg as world renowned arts destination. (continue reading)

  • 28 Feb 2015 3:55 PM | Executive Director (Administrator)

    St. Petersburg Tribune - From the street, this collection of old warehouses looks like a sprawling hodgepodge of concrete, overgrown shrubs and rusting metal. But with the backing of a deep pool of donors and an army of zealous volunteers, the 50,000-square foot complex on St. Petersburg’s south side is about to begin a transformation into a creative haven for painters, woodworkers, glass blowers and photographers.  (continue reading)

  • 29 Jan 2015 4:21 PM | Executive Director (Administrator)

    Tampa Bay Times - It's not just artists who see the potential of the Warehouse Arts District. A Polish vodka distillery, a high-tech company, a custom furniture maker and a real estate investor who spent $1.7 million buying up property last year see it too. (continue reading)

  • 29 Jan 2015 4:03 PM | Executive Director (Administrator)

    Tampa Bay Business Journal - The Warehouse Arts District Enclave on the southern edge of downtown St. Petersburg has gone from idea to project to, as of a few weeks ago, reality. (continue reading)

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